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riginally, the 'Baker Street Irregulars' were a small group of street urchins who assisted the great fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.  Holmes' colleague Doctor Watson once described the Irregulars as "six dirty little scoundrels [who] stood in line like so many disreputable statuettes." Their leader was the energetic and inventive Wiggins.  Of the Irregulars, Holmes once said to Watson, "There's more work to be out of one of those little beggars than out of a dozen of the [police] force...Then mere sight of an official looking person seals men's lips. These youngsters, however, go everywhere and hear everything. They are as sharp as needles, too; all they want is organization."

fter the demise of Sherlock Holmes, the name of the Baker Street Irregulars was not heard again until it was applied to an informal group of Intelligence Officers who undertook covert activity on behalf of the British Special Operations Executive during the course of World War II.  This group of intrepid men and women placed their lives at risk in the various theatres of war around the globe.  They undertook many tasks similar in nature to the original Baker Street Irregulars, going everywhere and hearing everything, and were worthy successors to the name.

he new Baker Street Irregulars are a group of web graphics specialists based in down-under Australia, who are available to assist investigators and intelligence officers around the world to make effective use of the possibilities of the World Wide Web.   While there aren't six of us and we dress slightly better than "dirty little scoundrels", we too are as "sharp as needles", and are energetic and inventive.  Investigators from both government and private sectors are only now finding their way onto the Internet.  The revolution in communication which is the Internet has brought with it new ways to harm society.  Unacceptable material is trafficked on the Internet.  There are nagging concerns over the vulnerability of electronic commerce.  While new forms of encryption are lending some hope to business, those same innovations are liable to misuse by organised crime.   Our mission is to provide technical and developmental support to investigative and intelligence professionals anywhere in the world, to assist them in the transition onto the Internet so they may better respond to emerging threats.

ou may be wondering why our own web site is still in development.  Have you ever met a professional gardener who had a beautiful garden or a plumber whose taps all work?  Probably not.  If a professional gardener or plumber is good at his job, he is usually too busy doing work for his clients to look after things at home.  We Baker Street Irregulars are a bit that way at this very moment.  The needs of our clients come before our own.  This explains why our own site is 'Under Construction', however please bookmark us for future reference.  You will find that it quickly changes shape into what we hope is a prime example of the high level of professional service which the Baker Street Irregulars can provide.

In the meantime, if you wish to get an idea of our work, then please check out the following links-

We would like you to sign our guest book to let us know you were here and to give us the encouragement to get our site finished.  To contact us directly, please use this e-mail link.  We are members of the Baker Street Web Ring.  This is a ring of related web sites which all subscribe to an interest in the great Sherlock Holmes.  To learn more about the original 'Baker Street Irregulars' or other things 'Sherlockian' in nature, follow the links in the 'Baker Street Web Ring' below.
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